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You can burn calories while gardening, and here’s how…  

If you spend time perfecting your garden each season, you’ll be happy to know that not only are you looking after your plants but you’re looking after your health as well, while burning calories. 

Studies have shown that women who gardened were 46% healthier, and “According to the American Council on Exercise, gardening burns approximately 300 calories an hour.  “ 

You may ask yourself how can something so simple be so beneficial to your health!? 

There are many reasons why gardening is so healthy for your body.  

Firstly, there is strength, by working in the garden, you’re activating many different muscle groups, as well as increasing flexibility, and strengthening your joints. As you are squatting down, and planting seeds you’re working your legs, arms, thighs, back, shoulders, and abdomen. Additionally, all the movements performed as you attend to your greens promote healthier bones and joints while toning your muscles and giving you a leaner definition.  

Secondly, there is flexibility. Gardening is a great way to increase flexibility since while you’re reaching down to pull up weeds, or bending over to plant a new bulb you are extending your reach and pushing your ligaments a little further than usual.  

Thirdly, gardening is therapeutic. There’s no better way to stay grounded than working with the earth. When you’re working in the soil you are clearing your mind and taking a break from your fast-paced life. Using your tactile senses has been proven to lower the risk of cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. This is because gardening relaxes you, it is a form of meditation and holds therapeutic benefits.  

To take your gardening workout to the next level why don’t you try logging your gardening routine to keep track of the calories burned?  

Here are some examples you can use: 

· Water the lawn or garden with a hose to burn 61 calories. 

· Rake leaves to burn 162 calories. 

· Bag leaves to burn 162 calories. 

· Plant seeds or seedlings to burn 162 calories. 

· Weed a garden to burn 182 calories. 

· Plant trees to burn 182 calories. 

· Clear land to burn 202 calories. 

· Dig, till or spade a garden to burn 202 calories. 

· Lay sod to burn 202 calories. 

· Chop wood to burn 243 calories. 

· Mow the lawn with a push mower to burn 243 calories. 

· Shovel snow to burn 243 to 364 calories, depending on how heavy the snow is. 

As this article has shown every bit of physical and mental exercise is important for your health. At Curves, we aim to make our circuit the most beneficial full-body workout in 30 minutes. Our circuit is not only targeted for weight loss, just like gardening it’s a great way to increase flexibility, improve muscle strength, and cardio, and its fun environment is a therapeutic disconnect from daily tasks.  

Why not get your fitness routine in line this spring and plant the seed of health with Curves.  

Contact your local club and get your first workout and consultation free. 

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You can burn calories while gardening, and here’s how…