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Curves Programme

Discover the Curves programme
designed specifically for Women

The team at Curves are passionate about our mission “Strengthening Women”.

We believe that by strengthening women and promoting the habit of exercise, together we will help ourselves and members achieve goals, have a better quality of life, and improve the overall physical and emotional health of individuals and communities.

The workout

Curves is specially designed for women. Curves 30-minute Workout combines Strength Training with Cardio and Stretching to develop lean muscle, raise metabolism, burn fat and tone-up. 

There is a coach at every workout to help you get fit, gain strength, and achieve your ideal weight. Curves Workouts are fun, fast, and safe!

The Workout is effective for women of all ages and fitness levels. We pride ourselves on creating an environment that’s comfortable and welcoming. 

By gaining strength and increasing your flexibility you will be working to prevent injury. You will have a happier, healthier future!

curves fitness machine

The Circuit

Get ready for a Full Body Workout. The Curves Circuit includes all 5 components of a complete Workout: Warm-Up, Strength Training, Cardiovascular Training, Cool-down and Stretching, in just 30 minutes.

Curves equipment is designed specifically for safety, simplicity, and effectiveness, automatically adjusting to each fitness level, alternating between upper, lower and core muscles, providing a Full-Body Workout in just 30 minutes.

Curves equipment focuses on Strength Training by overloading the muscles and elevating the heart rate, changing stations every 30 seconds to sustain the heart rate by doing cardiovascular exercises on the metabolic stations. You will work every major muscle group while keeping your heart rate within your target training zone.

You will have a Circuit coach with you on every Workout to teach, support and motivate you to ensure you safely reach your fitness goals.
curves circuit training


We genuinely care about our Curves Community and empower everyone to improve their lives by creating a positive, safe, supportive, encouraging, fun, non-judgmental environment, where people can overcome challenges to achieve their goal. We have social media pages and groups at club-level and national-level so our guests and members can feel part of the wider Curves community.

Curves App

The Curves App offers a link between you, your Curves coach, club, and community. With the Curves App you can:
curves fitness app

Curves Complete

Exercise and Nutrition go hand in hand. The Curves Complete Meal Plan encourages eating lean proteins, healthy fats, fibre, and good carbohydrates.

It is unique in that it works hand in hand with the Curves combined Cardio and Strength Training Workout, helping to increase metabolism and burn fat.

Curves Smart

CurvesSmart is a computerised Personal Coaching System. CurvesSmart provides moment to moment feedback and progress reports to keep you motivated.

CurvesSmart technology motivates and challenges you to achieve your personal health and fitness goals by keeping you committed to your Workouts, providing maximum benefit based on your own personal fitness level.

Health experts recommend 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity per week (i.e., 30 minutes, 5 times per week), plus muscle strengthening activity that involves all the major muscles groups 2 or more times per week.

Curves is the perfect solution!

If you want to improve your fitness, gain strength, mobility and have fun, then our Curves Coaches are waiting for you! We look forward to welcoming you.