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30 fun ways you can stay active in just – 30 minutes this Spring 🌷

We’re in the third month of this new year of 2023, and spring is around the corner. It’s time to thaw out, shake off the frost from the winter and blossom into the strong, and beautiful souls of the season.  

There’s nothing better than the smell of fresh flowers as they break through the tough soil, and start their journey of flourishing beauty. There’s a reason they call it Mother” Nature, women are the essence of beauty and it’s women that give life to all living things. At Curves we help women become their best version through fitness and well-being, and we’re dedicating this March to taking 30 minutes for yourself, all while enjoying the beauty of spring. Mother nature uses all earth’s elements to create life, and to start our spring fitness journey we have compiled ways to get fit using all the elements; earth, water, wind, and fire.  

Make March all about celebrating your strength and enjoy 30 minutes of activity every day.  

At Curves, we share our support to build a stronger YOU. Carve out 30 minutes each day for yourself, for better health, fitness and wellness while incorporating earth’s elements.  

Why not book your monthly coaching session with Curves now, and set your 30 for 30 goal today:



⛰️Earth: Use the earth to keep you grounded with…  

  1. A walk in the woods, and take in nature.  
  2. Go hiking to connect with the outdoors, and work your glutes, hips and legs. 
  3. Do some gardening, not only does gardening work on your core, leg and arm strength but working in the soil is therapeutic and it will improve your mobility.  
  4. Switch up your daily commute and try jogging, walking or cycling to work. 
  5. Go bowling, this is a great exercise for your upper body, and the socialising aspect is good for the soul.  
  6. Take the dog for a walk, this not only benefits your furry friend but gets you out in nature. You can always download one of the many dog-sitting apps, or why not borrow your friend’s pup for a bonding day? 
  7. Play a round of golf which is good for your hand-eye coordination, and there’s plenty of walking on the course if you forego the golf cart. Don’t forget that mini-golf is also an option, and added fun for the kids. 
  8. Try orienteering, this is a great brain activity that will keep you active without you even realising it.  Try a treasure hunt app which sends you clues along your journey. There are many options and difficulty levels to enjoy with the little ones or with your friends. 

🌊Water: Use water to keep you in the constant flow of life.  

  1. Go for a swim, this is an incredibly effective workout while keeping pressure off of your joints.   
  2. Kayaking, not only will kayaking allow you to explore the lake, but it works out your arms, shoulders, wrists, and core. Rowing a boat is a great way to enjoy a sunny day while enjoying the views and a good laugh. 
  3. Go Paddleboarding, paddleboarding is one of the more exciting core fitness activities you can do. After a day of paddleboarding, you’ll have a tan and an abb workout.  
  4. Walk along the beach, why don’t you switch out your neighbourhood walk with a walk along the coast, and feel the sand in your toes?  
  5. Walk laps or aqua gym in the pool for great resistance training.   
  6. Run along the sand, running in the sand is much easier on your ankles as appose to running on pavement.   
  7. Dance in the rain, let go of your inhibitions and revisit your youth by dancing in the rain or jumping in puddles with the kids. 

🌬️Air: Use air to breathe in fresh life.

  1. Do some yoga or stretching, and breathe in that fresh spring air.  
  2. Jump on the trampoline for a laugh and a full-body workout.  
  3. Fly a kite, you’ll concentrate on holding it steady while working your core, legs and arms.  
  4. Take a bike ride, and feel the wind on your face. Biking is great cardio and helps with lean muscle tone.  
  5. Master the hula hoop outdoors, this is a new trend in today’s world, who knew something so fun could have such great abb benefits? 
  6. Play frisbee in the park, and let the wind take your frisbee as far as it wants so that you have extra miles to run.  
  7. Play catch for cardio, upper body and hand-eye coordination.  

🔥Fire: Use heat and raise your body temperature to burn those calories.

  1. Sauna, or steam to relax, and sweat out your toxins.   
  2. Enjoy a workout class and burn those calories.  
  3. Jump into a curves workout in your club to heat up your day.  
  4. Have a go at boxing – you can even use a pillow as a target.  
  5. Meet a friend for coffee but have it “to go” and walk as you talk.  
  6. Try a themed workout through the Curves App, this will keep you fit, and add spice to your day.  
  7. Take a salsa class to heat up your core temperature.   
  8. Fit in a curves At-home workout through the Curves App to shed weight and heat the house.  

See that wasn’t so hard, 30, 30-minute workouts incorporating all muscle groups, all while enjoying mother nature’s elements. Physical and mental health doesn’t need to be micro-managed into our daily lives if you work them into your lifestyle. Like mother nature’s elements, everything has a purpose, and nothing is a waste. Dedicate the next 30 days to finding your 30 minutes of fitness in all that you do. Curves is here to help you take care of your mind and body this spring and every other season.

Grow stronger with us. 🌷   

Book your monthly coaching session NOW and set your goal for the month!

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30 fun ways you can stay active in just – 30 minutes this Spring 🌷