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Strong is Beautiful: Lose Weight and Build Tone with Strength Training

When it comes to strength training, women tend to get a little spooked by the word 'strength'. Many believe the strength exercises can make them too muscular and bulky. But this is a misconception, with Curves 30-minute strength training program, you can lose weight, improve your muscle tone, flexibility and increase endurance.

Why does Strength Training Work for Weight loss?

Cardio exercises work directly on glycogen muscles and fat, making us burn calories immediately. However, this caloric consumption happens only while we work on the muscle and as long as we sustain an average rate, which means that as soon as the muscle isn't stimulated with exercise, weight loss progression might come to a halt.

On the other hand, by working on your strength, you can burn fat continuously by toning your muscle mass; this happens because strength exercises speed up metabolism burning calories even after your workout.

During strength training, your body consumes oxygen and glycogen (carbohydrates stored or recently consumed) After training, for about 72 hours, your body continues to work, this time in recovering. While your body is in recovery mode, it needs to stay 'active' consuming fats from the reserves and therefore consuming calories to repair the muscles worked.

Because of this process, strength training can help you lose weight before and after your workout.

Why Do I Lose Weight So Slowly?

Performing strength training exercises increases muscle mass while reducing fat tissue and excess calories. That's why sometimes when your exercise routine focuses on working the strength and endurance of your muscle, you might feel like you aren't losing weight.

That's why it is so important to measure your results in more than one way. Don't rely on the scale alone. You are still losing weight, but you are also increasing your body mass which will make you more firm and toned.

You are doing great! You're after all swapping fat weight with healthy muscle tissue.

Other Strength Training Benefits

The curves training circuit works because it is designed for women; it includes a healthy dose of cardio and strength training all in one. Which means you get the best of both worlds, cardio's rapid calorie-burning benefits combined with strength training slow burn and muscle mass increase.

The Curves circuit works with different areas of the body at intervals, focusing in the lower, upper and central muscle groups, avoiding the accumulated tiredness that comes with cardio only exercises. That's why, once you finish your 30minute Curves workout, you won't feel tired. Working on increasing strength will keep your body active for muscle recovery, and you will feel energized.

You'll also notice an overall improvement in your health and strength. You will see and feel how strength training can transform your body not only physically but also with a boost of energy every day.

Please take advantage of all the benefits of strength training with our 30-minute workout routine. Find your nearest club today!

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Strong is Beautiful: Lose Weight and Build Tone with Strength Training