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Stay fit and fabulous this summer

Summer is finally here which means barbeques, beach days, and a bunch of outdoor fun! Although the summer months may be a little hectic, with the right approach and mindset they can be some of the easiest times to included fitness into your daily routine.

In this article we’ll touch upon great ways to stay active during your summer vacation, fitness activities you can do while enjoying the summer fun, and reasons why keeping up your fitness regime is so important.

Shutting off and getting away from the usual routine is good for the body. However, a vacation can be the perfect time to exercise. By freeing yourself from your routine, you open your mind to new ways to move your body, have fun and keep yourself fit while you’re on vacation.

With the sun rising earlier and setting later in the day we find ourselves rising and settling for bed at different hours than in the winter months allowing you to get more into your day. Sunny weather also brings extra vitamin D, giving you more energy. Why not utilise this and set out for an early morning run or watch the sunset while taking a jog after dinner.

We have also compiled a list of activities that we all may be doing during summer vacation and don’t realise how great of a workout they are.

Here Are some outdoor activities that are enjoyable, and really work your entire body:

  • Paddleboarding
  • Volleyball
  • Kayaking
  • Badminton
  • Throwing a ball back and forth
  • Swimming
  • Taking scenic hikes

Are you jet setting this summer? This probably means you’ll be on the go, staying up later and indulging in some local delights. We believe that balance is key since treating yourself is healthy for the mind, and soul. With these handy travel workouts that you can do right from your hotel room you can let yourself enjoy all that vacations bring while feeling good in your body.

Hotel room workouts:

1.  Single-Leg Lunges Stand in front of a bed or chair and begin with feet hip-width apart.

2. Single-Leg Squats Stand in front of a chair with feet hip-width apart.

3. Triceps Dips

4. Elevated Plank with Oblique Crunches

5. Froggers/Half Burpees

6. Lunge to Front Kick

7. Leg Circles for Glutes

8. Walking Push-Ups

If you like having guided workouts log onto your Curves app for a multitude of fun and quick routines, you can do from anywhere. Think about how great you’ll feel laying by the pool knowing you still got your workout in, it gives a sense of accomplishment, and an extra pep in your step!

By keeping up with your workouts, it will be easier to continue once you’re coming back. Whereas if you stopped for a week or two (average holiday duration), it would be harder to get back into your routine. It’s also important to know the little things that the body does when going too long without a physical fitness:

  • Aerobic power can decline 5-10 percent in three weeks.
  • All your gains could be gone after about two months of inactivity.
  • The fitter you are, the faster you lose your fitness, which doesn’t seem fair, does it?
  • You tend to lose aerobic capacity faster than muscular strength. Muscles are resilient and retain a memory of all those exercises you did.

Taking time from your busy schedule, and allowing time for relaxation, family bonding and activities with friends is very important although there are many ways to fit in quick, and enjoyable workouts to keep your mind, body and soul healthy.

Curves works with your life verses against it. It’s a fast 30-minute workout that works all areas of your body, all while having fun with friends. The Curves app also gives you enjoyable, and fast options that you can do while traveling and on the go.

We should all enjoy this summer feeling fit, healthy, and fabulous!

Join the Curves community today to stay fabulous this summer!

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Stay fit and fabulous this summer