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The practice of Mindfulness during the holidays

The practice of mindfulness and how it helps you to stay healthy and fit during the holiday season. 

The holiday health journey starts with a solid foundation of mindfulness. If you learn to practice mindfulness, everything you do will be done with a purpose. You’ll notice you’re doing things thoroughly, and efficiently, facilitating the right decisions.  

The holiday season can be hectic and filled with temptations of overeating, and under-exercising. With the correct practice and mindset, you can enjoy your holiday while preserving your well-being. 

Here are some practical ways to help you stay on track during the holidays encompassing the three pillars of health. 


  • Take advantage of your vacation days and catch up on downtime and extra sleep. 
  • Take an outdoor walk after meals.  
  • Add in some quick at-home workouts. 20 minutes is enough to work up a nice sweat. 
  • Suggest physical family activities, such as tennis, dodgeball, skating, and dancing. 
  • Take care of yourself, enjoy a bath, lie on the couch, or read a book. It is necessary to shut your mind off and relax.  


Substitute your holiday ingredients for healthier ones: 

  • Butter for a low-fat dairy-free substitute.  
  • Whole fat milk for almond milk, or oat milk. 
  • Sugar for stevia, dates, or brown sugar.  
  • White Flour for a low-fat spelt, rice, or tapioca flour. 

It also helps to be a mindful eater. When we shovel our food down, we forget to stop and appreciate the taste. By eating too quickly you don’t allow yourself to appreciate the food and risk eating double the amount. When you take time to chew, take deep breaths, and have conversations while eating you’ll be less likely to go back for a second round. 


  • Sweat it out and hit a steam room. 
  • Take a fresh outdoor run. 
  • Get a massage to rid yourself of toxins. 
  • Make time for your gym routine. 

At Curves, we believe that fitness and health are a lifestyle. A fluid string of events that keep evolving with the circle of life. Health is a mentality, and once you’ve harnessed a positive method of viewing life, you’ll notice you’re a healthier you without even being conscious of your efforts. 

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