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Self-esteem and the Importance of a Supporting Network

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Finding a community is easy, but finding your community can be challenging as we get older (and grow wiser). However, a supportive network can do wonders not only for your motivation – pushing you to achieve your fitness and wellness goals, but also for your mental and physical health. Loving one another, knowing how to express gratitude and support and recognizing each other’s limits and strengths are fundamental for community and self-growth.

However, before we can support others, we have to learn to focus on ourselves. Self-acceptance and self-love are two of many healthy components that complement our well-being. Often neglected, self-love is at the core of self-esteem and a fundamental requirement for forming good relationships with others.

It sounds easy, right? However, it can be challenging. The good news is that self-esteem, just like strength training, can be enhanced and reinforced with time and dedication. The mind, just like the body, can do amazing things when you learn how to work the right muscles. Self-love and acceptance can be achieved once you can look inside and love yourself for who you are.

The problem with today’s world is that we are constantly comparing ourselves to others. We are exposed to an array of ideal models. Working on ourselves for our own benefit and relying on our inner light and strength is the way forward. Yes, it is ok to have role models and goals. However, we mustn’t be so hard with ourselves.


Women Supporting Women

Self-esteem has a lot to do with accomplishing goals. Which is why it is important to set ourselves achievable and manageable goals. One step at the time.

Motivation is key! Achieving small goals one at the time can keep us motivated, especially when it comes to fitness and well-being.  Also, this is where support kicks in. Mutual support can keep us motivated, keep us going when we are feeling low and keep us moving toward our goals. This is one of many reasons why working with a community of supportive women can be beneficial for you.

Our clubs not only offer you a safe and fun environment but also promote comradery. Our circuit is designed with women in mind, and mutual encouragement and support are at the core of each workout.


How to Support & Enhance Self-Love  

Increasing our self-esteem requires self-acceptance and body awareness, as well as a positive attitude. With that in mind, the following might be useful to put into practice:  

Acceptance of your inner-self “I”: not with an attitude of resignation, but as a healthy awareness of self, your strengths, your weaknesses and what makes you unique. Your inner light.

Acceptance of your external self: This relates to the way to look and feel; our external image. Keeping in mind that our bodies continually change, with age, with time. Embrace those changes as rites of passage, and as a reflection of growth and wisdom. No matter how old you are, you are beautiful.

Forget about the models in glossy magazines and the insta-famous polished bodies. Real women have real bodies, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.


How Women Support Each Other the Curves Way

Self-esteem is essential for your happiness and your emotional and physical well-being. That’s why it’s so important to feel strong both inside and out.

At Curves, we work we care for your physical and mental strength, which is why we promote emotional support and encouragement in all our clubs. Our coaches are with you every step of the way, keeping you motivated and on track with your well-being.

Our motto, together, we are stronger. If you’re not here yet, what are you waiting for? Find your nearest Curves today! Book an appointment today!Connect to a coach

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Self-esteem and the Importance of a Supporting Network