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Setting Attainable Workout Goals this Spring

If you just aren’t as motivated to make those gym visits as you were when you made those fitness resolutions over New Years, there’s still time to get yourself back on track! Spring is a great time to recommit to your workouts and even try something new. When it comes to logging in that exercise time, there are several things you can do to reach your workout goals month after month.

Here are some better ways to set workout goals this spring:

Be specific

Were the goals you set earlier in the year too far out of reach? If you made a decision to lose weight or make more time for yourself, your goals may simply be too vague. Be as specific as you can by deciding that you will go to the Curves three to four days every week — and pick exactly which days you plan to go. Sit down and write down exactly what you want to achieve and start thinking about action steps you can take to make that happen. 

Try a new fitness class

Try one of the Curves fitness classes to help focus on a new area of your body. You can build upon your current skills and learn different moves and work every muscle. Ask your Curves Coach for the schedule of classes offered at your local club.

Track your progress

Writing down your goals and keeping track of your progress can help you stick with your goals when things get tough. If you’re having a stressful week or are thinking about skipping your workouts, just look at the progress you’ve made so far to remind yourself that you need to keep on going! Use a calendar app on your smartphone to log your workouts, set weekly and monthly goals, and mark your milestones.

Be more active

Getting (and staying) in shape isn’t just about working out consistently and eating right, it’s also about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As the weather starts to warm up, plan on spending more time outdoors and plan some fun outdoor activities with friends or family members. Simple things like walking the dog as we get more daylight, hiking with friends, or hitting the nature trails on a sunny Sunday can help you stay more active while strengthening your commitment to fitness.

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