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Non-Material Gifts That Come Straight from the Heart

The holiday season is all about spreading joy, although over the years society has lost the essence of gift giving, and opted for either cheap trinkets, flashy statement pieces, or easy objects that will be forgotten about in a few months’ time. That is why we’re suggesting giving gifts that make a deeper impact, and cast a long-term affect, gifts that encourage health, wellness, knowledge, and add to an individual’s wealth of experiences!

Giving a gift that motivates your loved ones to lead a healthier lifestyle is priceless.

If you’d like to discover some of the best non-material gift ideas, and why they’re important, keep reading!

Here some great (non-material) gift ideas and what they provide:

  • Culinary classes
    – Not only is a cooking class fun and interactive, it teaches you great ways to put together easier dishes, and or more exciting options that will inspire you to do more home cooked meals versus eating out.
  • Museum passes
    – Museums have so much to offer, it’s a great way to incorporate learning into an afternoon out.
  • Fitness classes
    – This is the gift that keeps on giving. At times people are reluctant to attend a fitness class, although if it’s a gift this may motivate the individual to finally take that step, and once they start, they’ll most likely get hooked.
  • Dietician appointment
    – By sitting down with a professional dietician, the individual will learn more about their body, digestive system and ways to introduce healthier foods.
  • A day trip
    – Travel encourages learning about new cultures, and broadening horizons.
  • Sponsoring an animal, or donating to an animal shelter
    – Charitable gifts make lasting impact, and instill appreciation in the giver.
  • Self-care package
    – Sometimes we need an excuse to treat ourselves, with the gift of self-care we are giving our loved ones a reason to take some time for themselves.
  • A language class/online course
    – Another fun way to spread the gift of knowledge. This may also inspire a trip to the destination they’re studying.

The worth of Experiential Gifts: Experiential gifts create unforgettable memories and offer the opportunity to expand someone’s horizons.

Skill building offering: Offering the opportunity to build on current skills, and or create new ones create a lasting impact.

Charitable Donations and Social Impact Gifts – Charitable donations can provide support to causes that matter to the gift recipient, and promote a better world.

The common denominator with all of these gifts is the encouragement to live a more meaningful life. Get rid of extra stuff and clutter in our lives and replace it with health whether it’s mental, emotional, or physical health these are all being nurtured.

In today’s day and age, technology encompasses such a large portion of our lives, that now, more than ever, we need to find ways to incorporate activities that make a difference and have a lasting impact.

Curves is practicing what we preach and contributing to overall well-being with our special holiday promotion starting this December. Our Surprise with Health offer gives everyone the chance to treat their loved ones to a meaningful, long-lasting gift that will show you truly care.

Give the gift that matters: “Surprise with Health” and share 10 workouts for only £39!

Non-materialistic gifts focus on improving a person, or even a relationship. Your loved ones would benefit from these kinds of offerings a lot more, and so might you!
Non-physical presents also show that you care about the recipient more than just the tradition of just passing something off to them.

Make a CHANGE this 2023 and choose to nurture with experiences. With Curves, you’ll have undoubtedly found the easiest gift you’ll buy this year. #SurpriseWithHealth

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