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Get a personalised workout and stay motivated with CurvesSmart®

CurvesSmart® has been a revelation since the day we invented it. Put simply, CurvesSmart® is a computerised personal coaching system that’s incorporated into our 30-minute circuit workout. But it delivers so much more. Each piece of equipment is pre-programmed with your unique information giving you instant feedback on the exercise while performing it, then CurvesSmart® calculates all your workout data and gives you progress reports to show you the amount of calories burned, your muscle strength and just how much you’re progressing to meet your goals. It’s exactly the knowledge and motivation you need to get the results you want.

Tailored Specifically For You

The high level of personalisation is key. You’re an individual with very specific goals in mind and challenges you want to meet, so our coaching system is as unique as you are. Everything from your range of motion and current strength level is worked out, tracked and then distilled into feedback and outputs to keep you moving forward. CurvesSmart® is ideal if you’re going to the gym for the first time, returning after some time away or you’re there every day. It‘s designed to keep you motivated like never before!

Safety in Numbers

CurvesSmart® tracks your repetitions, resistance and even the speed of each movement, ensuring you know if you’re exercising too strenuously or not enough. It can even identify areas for you to focus on, so you’re getting the most out of every workout. Based on this set of constantly evolving diagnostics, CurvesSmart® automatically adjusts your workout intensity as you meet your goals and gives you tailored feedback on each session, keeping you motivated to move forward. The combination of CurvesSmart® and our unique hydraulic resistance machines ensures that you’re keeping within the safe exertion zones based on your unique body signature.

It’s Easy to Get Started

Coaching systems can be daunting, so we designed CurvesSmart® to be as stress-free as possible. Once you’ve been entered into the system and have created and set up a personalised profile, you’re ready to go. Each exercise station you visit now retrieves your profile from the local computer, downloads a unique set of data specifically formulated for you based on your strength and fitness, and then keeps track of everything. You don’t need to worry about a thing! 

After all, the more you know about your progress, the more you can keep challenging yourself to meet your goals. To find out more and to get started on your personalised CurvesSmart® programme, please contact your nearest Curves club or book a free consultation now!

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Get a personalised workout and stay motivated with CurvesSmart®