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Dive in the World of Workout Wellness

Workout Wellness was designed during the 2020 lockdown as a way to bring the Curves club experience directly into your home.

Have you tried it yet? No? Then, find out all there is to know about this exclusive programme in this article.

The Curves Circuit at Home

The Curves workout combines strength training with cardio activity and stretching – all in just 30 minutes – to create lean muscle, raise your metabolism, burn more fat and tone your body. You can now do all of this anytime, anywhere.

Thanks to the Curves App, you can join the exclusive programme of Workout Wellness hosted by Curves Europe and tailored to each country. This programme offers daily LIVE workouts of 30 minutes inspired by the in-club Curves circuit. It includes all five components of a complete workout – warm-up, strength training, cardiovascular training, cool-down and stretching. You’ll work every major muscle group, alternating the upper, lower and central body parts while keeping your heart rate within your target training zone. It is safe, efficient and effective for women of all ages and fitness levels.

During each workout, you have a Coach by your side who is there to teach you and keep you motivated. With their support, you are sure to reach your fitness goals in no time!

Safety First

At Curves, your health and safety are at the top of our priorities.

Every workout starts with safety instructions to make sure you are all set for your at-home workout.

Feeling not so fit that day? Knee problems, perhaps? No worries. You can choose the workout adapted to your fitness level. In addition, every workout hosts 2 Workout Coaches, displaying for you a high and a lower level of intensity.

Furthermore, a Safety Coach is there to guide and motivate you and make sure that you keep a safe form while performing the exercises.

Last but not least, you will finish every workout with a stretching sequence. Stretching makes your daily activities easier and safer by increasing your joint mobility and providing you with a broader range of movement. In addition, it can release built-up tension, helping restore posture and preventing lower back pain. Stretching is even good for your mind, encouraging mental and emotional relaxation.

Always Fun 

It’s great to be at Curves!

During Workout Wellness, just like in our Clubs, you will be exercising in an environment that’s comfortable and welcoming.

Be ready for Wacky Wednesdays! Every Wednesday takes the fun a level up. You will be working out on the themes of Movies, the 80s, Bollywood, Musicals and more, without even realising that you are exercising!

What’s more, every Curvette participating in Workout Wellness runs the chance of winning a prize. Maybe your form while doing a squat is perfect. Perhaps your energy today is inspiring, or even your Wacky outfit is outstanding. At Curves, we think your extra effort deserves recognition!

Workout Wellness also has its guest appearances. Once a month, a special Guest Coach will lead the workout. You might even recognise your Coach there.

Why You Should Join

Can’t go to your Club yet? Or perhaps you can’t visit it as often as you would wish? Workout Wellness is the perfect way to keep active at home or to complement your in-Club workouts.

Studies show that regular physical activity, such as the three-day-a-week Curves programme, substantially reduces the risk of conditions including coronary heart disease, stroke, colon cancer, Type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and high blood pressure. It also helps to control weight, contributes to healthy bones, muscles and joints, helps to relieve the pain of arthritis, and reduces the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Whether you want to gain energy, tone up or lose weight, the Curves programme will work for you.

It’s also a great way to keep in touch with your community and to include some more fun in your days!

Great workout. Shoulders needed those rolls!! Thank you, Sheila, Elgin. 

Thanks ladies, think I managed to touch my toes today in the stretches!!, Helen, Elgin 

Thank you ladies…Great workout on the 1st day of spring, Mary 

Thanks girls. Great workout again. See you tomorrow, Alison, Perth 

Thank you so much!, Orie

I really enjoyed the workout, brilliant ! Thanks, Carol, Gorey

Our Curves Clubs for women are open to receive you and advising you on the exercise routine that best suits you and your goal. Would you like to join our community of strong women? Download the Curves App and request your first free consultation at your nearest Club now. We are waiting for you!

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