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Curves Celebrates European Week of Sport

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The European Week of Sport is celebrated every year across all European nations. Lead by Europe Active, the #BeActive campaign aims to highlight the importance of exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle. 

“Exercise generate benefits in our figure, health, strength, emotional state and our happiness in general” Martha Aguiar, BDM Spanish Market for Curves Europe, said. 

Sedentary lifestyles can have a negative impact on both our physical and mental wellbeing. “Being aware of how exercise has impacted my strength, health and mental well-being has made me even more responsible in being able to take care of myself and dedicate time to exercise to keep myself in the best condition for my family, my work and my social life.” Martha, added.

Keeping active is helping women from all ages and backgrounds. Let’s not forget that exercise when combined with a balanced diet has been proven to:

•          Improve protection against disease

•          It can reduce the risks associated with muscle loss and unhealthy bones and joints

•          Stimulate the brain and improve concentration

•          Increase motivation, productivity and performance 

During the European Week of Sport 2020, Curves Europe’s goal is to reach at least 50,000 individual workouts during the week of 23-30 September across Europe. To achieve this, clubs from UK, Ireland, Spain, France, Italy, Sweden, Belgium and Switzerland, as well as the Curves HQ team will combine their efforts in the biggest long-distance workout effort of the year. 

“Curves is proud to be supporting the European Week of Sport – encouraging an ongoing active lifestyle to boost physical, mental and emotional health.” Joanna Dase, CEO Curves Europe, said. 

“We are targeting our community to achieve 50,000 workouts within the week. We are proud to affiliate with the European Week of Sport as it connects well with our organization’s mission to Strengthen Women”, Joanna, added.

“I have been the owner of the Curves Sagrada Familia club for 10 years and during all this time I have seen and known some wonderful stories of how exercise helped change the lives of women”, Nadiya Rybak, owner of Curves Barcelona Sagrada Familia, in Spain, said. 

Nadiya is an overall fit and healthy strong woman, who had never suffered from any illness or had any mental health struggles. That was of course until the global pandemic. Nadiya like many other business owners found herself in a new world, all of a sudden, everything changed. 

“ANXIETY”, she said, “The dictionary says that anxiety it is a state of mind that you come to suffer from great restlessness, intense excitement and extreme insecurity. You wake up in the morning and find it difficult to breathe, your mind goes away thinking and you start to drown and sink. What I do now?” Nadiya, said. 

“Exercise saved me, it helped me get through the very hard times in my life, it is honestly the best medicine I have known so far”, she concluded. Nadiya is just one of many people who find out every day how physical activity can help improve health. 

The #BeActive and #BeActiveAtHome Europe Active campaign, and the #CurvesActive campaign for the European Week of Sport 2020 aim to raise awareness about the benefits of an active lifestyle. Now more than ever our health should be our priority. 

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