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Creating the foundations for a stronger core

When your workout routine includes abdominal exercises, it means you’re laying a solid base for better posture, a stronger core and even lessening your chances of getting future injuries. A Curves workout is a full-body experience that’s tailored for your specific needs – and we don’t forget about your all-important core.


Beating back pain from within

Thanks to our modern lifestyles that involve lots of inactivity or sitting in one place for extended periods of time, back pain is one of the most common complaints – and it can lead to serious compromises in your daily life. Staying active is one of the best ways to prevent this type of pain, as is having a structured exercise plan that specifically targets the abdominal area. A Curves workout is ideal for this because it creates the perfect framework to increase the strength and flexibility of the back and abdominal muscles. Doing these strength exercises takes some of the load away from the intervertebral discs and vertebrae, meaning they don’t have to support higher loads or weight on their own – which is one of the longer-term causes of back pain and injuries.


Getting stronger together

When you’re strength training with Curves, you’ll not only perform aerobic and strength exercises regularly that will help you lose weight, strengthen muscles and increase flexibility – but you’ll also benefit from specifically tailored machines that will help you reach your goals. A great example of this is the Curves Rotary Torso, which is a specially designed machine that’s manufactured exclusively for Curves and will help you strengthen your central core, which is the foundation of all body movement. This machine is unique and it’s even body-mapped for the specific needs of women. It is worth noting that you will work your ab muscles with a greater level of resistance than the muscle is accustomed to. When using each machine your Curves personal trainer will challenge you to move as quickly as possible to meet your objectives and feel better about yourself. With this method you will overload your muscles in a positive, yet safe, way to obtain the benefits of strength training.


Results you’ll be able to feel

Not only will you build strength by using the Curves Rotary Torso machine, but you’ll also feel the difference too. Your abs will feel firmer and your posture could even be improved – which brings all the benefits of lowering the chance of getting back pain and it can even build confidence because you’ll carry yourself in a completely different way! Our 30-minute sessions are tailored for you and this machine will soon form part of the key elements of your workouts.


If you would like to strengthen your core, book your free consultation now or contact your nearest Curves club to see how improved fitness can change your whole outlook.

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