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Benefits of Strength Training to Increase Energy Levels and Lift Your Mood

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Seasonal Affective Disorder: we’ve all heard of it, but have you considered how it could affect your health and exercise regime during the fall and winter months? Common symptoms of this phenomenon include low energy levels, an inability to get up in the morning and cravings for carb-heavy, unhealthy food. Here at Curves, we understand that energy and motivation for self-improvement can come in waves; the link between physical activity and mental health is indisputable. But we’re also in the business of supporting women, and helping them to avoid the common pitfalls people often experience during colder and darker weather. This is why we’ve compiled a list of all the ways in which strength-training during this period is the best way to beat the blues! Read on to discover how strength training is a natural energy booster!


  1. Strength-training helps to beat fatigue. Unlike heavy cardio sessions which can leave your body drained, strength-training instead focuses on building up strength, and using it to get through the workout. As a result, you leave the fitness studio feeling energised.
  2. Like all exercise, strength-training releases endorphins; our body’s feel-good chemical. Exercise and mental health are closely intertwined, and improving one will directly improve the other.
  3. Experts have shown that strength-training has a positive impact on your sleep pattern. Your body experiences a deep rest after this type of workout, which allows for better sleep. A good night’s sleep leads to high energy levels as well as general feelings of positivity.
  4. It improves your body-confidence. Mentally, strength-training is all about focusing on what you have gained, rather than what you have lost. So as your workouts go on, you see the results of your hard work; the buildability of strength-training is second to none. And seeing your gradual improvement is incredibly motivating and satisfying, instilling in you a more upbeat outlook; this proves the positive effects of exercise on mental health.
  5. Studies have shown the social benefits of exercise, and that working out with others increases both your ability and your motivation. At Curves, we design strength-training classes where women can work together and support one another.


It’s undoubtedly beneficial to commit to strength-training to boost energy levels and your mood, but it’s essential to make sure you receive the support you need in your endeavours. Unless due care and attention is paid to your form, these exercises can result in severe injury. That’s why it’s best to come along to a fitness club like Curves, where you will be surrounded not only by experts in health and fitness, but also peers that can help and encourage you.

To find out more about what Curves can do for you, book in for a free consultation now or visit your local Curves club for further advice.

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Benefits of Strength Training to Increase Energy Levels and Lift Your Mood