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What’s Beauty in 2022?  

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Beauty is subjective and everyone’s definition of beautiful is different. 2022 has been a year to learn from and will serve as a starting point to continue growing in the next. 

Many brands, large and small have opted for more of an inclusive approach in which women aren’t constantly compared to one another. Beauty brands are showcasing the real side of women, they’re using less edited photos, all body shapes, sizes, and nationalities. The beauty movement is also expanding to all ages not just your younger 20–30-year-olds as mature beauty is starting to be largely highlighted. Beauty finally seems to be moving in a positive direction supporting and giving women a voice.

If you feel comfortable, it’s working 

Play and experiment, this is the key to this section. Soak up the things that inspire you and start building your own style. Repeat and start over. The best part of experimenting with trends is the excitement of not having to “stick to one”. 

From the sparkles to the combination of unimaginable colors like red and pink, not only does the past always come back, but it reinvents itself as an improved version. Reinvention allows you room to transform and reshape what’s no longer be working without having to compromise progress. 

Beauty is one and at the same time none  

As confusing as it may seem, your concept of beauty will never be the same as someone else’s and therefore, what is beautiful for you may mean nothing to someone else. 

Let’s take a look at a practical case: 

  • When you meet someone, the first thing you notice may be their nails. A characteristic that for you, gives elegance to the hand. When you mention this to your friend, she laughs, she can’t understand how you can find beauty in something so “unusual”. 
  • Another example may be that you love looking out the window every morning and people-watching. You like seeing how they communicate and move about their everyday life. When you discuss this with your partner, they laugh, because they don’t understand how something so “mundane” gives you such a sense of peace. This shows that beauty is also a feeling.  

Diversity is what allows us to learn from each other, to open our field of vision and, above all, to respect and accept it as simply another perspective.  

Beauty and wellbeing from the inside out  

Happiness starts from within. We should be conscience and understand that “we are the reflection of the soul” and must smile from the inside. Here are two pivotal parts of keeping your wellbeing on track. 

  • Mental health. Taking care of your emotional stability and your mind is just as necessary as dedicating time and work to any other aspect of your life. Finding little things that make us happy, going back to old hobbies, knowing how to say “no” to plans that you only go to because of social pressure or just the opposite, starting to leave the house a little more and resume relationships.  
  • Physical health and wellbeing. Exercise does not have to be your enemy, in fact, it has proven to be the perfect ally to improve your mood, increase the chances of living a longer life, combat many symptoms derived from diseases, and the most common, improve your physique and your relationship with your body. This 2022 has opened the doors to the digital world increasing the possibilities of working out anytime, and anywhere.  

Curves is not a traditional gym, and our team works to help you achieve all the vital parts of happiness and beauty. We train your body and your mind and give you priority as an individual woman, with your own goals and schedule. Our community supports, empowers, and reaches far beyond the walls of our clubs.  

In just 30 minutes, we get your body fully exercised and your mind motivated to come back tomorrow, and the next day, and the next…  

At Curves we embrace plurality and learn from it. We let your stories inspire us, it is in this way that we grow as individuals and as a community.  

We all share a different concept of beauty, and that is beautiful. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Which is why “Beauty in 2022” will always be synonymous with:   

 D I V E R S I TY 

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