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6 Workout MYTHS to Stop Believing

Not sure what's fact or fiction anymore in the fitness world? There's a lot of fitness information available from trainers, friends and of course, the internet, but if you would like to separate fact from myth, here are the top workouts myths to stop believing.


MYTH: The ‘Perfect’ Workout

The biggest myth in fitness is the "perfect workout" myth. The simple truth is everyone's perfect workout is personal. As long as you can exercise for 30 minutes daily like in your Curves class, you're doing your own perfect workout.


MYTH: Strength Training Will Cause You To Bulk Up

Strong is good. Many women skip strength training because they fear they may "bulk up." This is simply not true, as most women do not have enough testosterone to build big, bulky muscles. Strength training actually helps women lose weight, tone their muscles and increase the density of their bones, which can help prevent Osteoporosis.


MYTH: Workouts Should Be Exhausting

While workouts should be challenging, training to complete exhaustion is not an effective or necessary way to get in shape. 30 minutes of moderate training is plenty for the day.


MYTH: You Should Work out Every Day

You should be attending your Curves class a minimum of three times a week to see results. That being said, you don’t need to work out every day for an hour to get desired results as your body also needs rest and recovery!


MYTH: No Pain, No Gain

This saying from the olden days of weight lifting can actually cause people to injure themselves. If you feel any type of pain while working, out, you should just switch exercises or take a break. Pain is a signal from your body that something is wrong and needs to be stopped or adjusted. With the variety of exercises and equipment available today, you can certainly find a pain-free way to workout.


MYTH: Morning is the Best Time to Workout

There really isn't a best time to workout. People who prefer to workout in the morning generally like the idea of getting their training completed early so they can have the rest of the day to complete other tasks. People who workout in the afternoon or in the evening usually enjoy sleeping in and find that they have more energy later in the day to workout.

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