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30th July: International Friendship Day

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30 July marks a very special date, and for good reason: it’s International Friendship Day! Invented by the USA in 2011, it promotes the idea that friendship inspires peace and understanding among different peoples. At Curves, we want to use this occasion to sing the praises of our community of women who rise to their challenges, united, on a daily basis, sometimes creating lifelong bonds.

We’re keen to promote friendly relations within our clubs as we firmly believe that a strong spirit is essential for optimum sporting performance. And nothing strengthens the spirit more than help and support between people! Friendship is an important aspect of physical exercise: the motivation and support of a friend can often make all the difference!

Discover how that feeling of support keeps you motivated to exercise, and how Curves promotes friendship among its members.


Support: an essential factor behind motivation

Because Curves is more than simply a gym. The women who train at our centres boost not only their physical strength but also their mental well-being. And that’s largely thanks to the friendships that are created and maintained in our clubs. 

Curves is above all about strong women who help and support each other in achieving their goals!

We regularly encourage our members to train with friends or colleagues because that’s the best way to stay motivated and keep up your fitness routine day in day out.

But rest assured: even if you come on your own, you’re always among friends at Curves. Whether you’re in the company of fellow Curvettes or our coaches and instructors, you’re never alone and always supported.

When you choose to follow a healthier lifestyle, it’s important to feel you have back-up and can benefit from the very best advice available, to ensure a successful transition. Because it’s not only about getting physically stronger but about changing habits and behaviours across all aspects of your everyday life.

This is why Curves believes it is fundamental to promote and encourage interaction among members to stimulate physical performance in a natural and enjoyable way. All in a friendly and welcoming environment.


Friendship is uppermost at Curves 

We strongly recommend that our members work out with a friend or build friendships with other Curvettes at their gym, as this has so many benefits.

  • You feel more responsible: training with a friend or friends is highly motivational as you’re more inclined to stick with your fitness routine. At Curves we support one another to respect commitments made when we signed up.
  • We feel more motivated and inspired: the Curves circuit is much more than just a training circuit. It’s an activity that really does encourage perseverance and mutual support between all woman, whatever their age and profile. Our clubs welcome a mixture of generations who exercise as one. The lives and experiences of others are a fabulous motivator. And having friends at the gym means their strength, their endurance and their desire to go further all rub off on you!
  • We have fun: and working out with a friend is even more fun! Training sessions are punctuated by laughter and the stories that people tell. Time passes quickly and you (almost) don’t feel as though you’ve done any exercise… perfect for taking care of yourself in a fun and friendly environment.


Keen to train with women who empathise and who’ll support you in your efforts? Then join the Curves community and let yourself be motivated by the inspirational stories of our members. If you like the idea, contact your nearest club or book a free consultation today!

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