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How we changed Women’s lives in 30 minutes for 30 years 

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Entering your thirties is always scary, right? 30 years of experiences, decisions, challenges, innumerable changes, many of them radical. But… who talks about the positive part of turning 30 and the wisdom it brings? 

At Curves, we do. That is why throughout September and October our social media will look back as we show a few of our highlights over the 30 years of changing the lives of women. 

Turning 30 means we experienced the highs, we have survived the storms, and it is an opportunity to continue to grow. 

September 28th is the day where Curves will celebrate 30 years of transforming female fitness, strengthening and empowering women, supporting our members in their new lifestyles and being an inspiration in fitness. Because of all this, we will be celebrating. Will you join us?

The key to success

Although there is no secret formula to guarantee success, knowing who you are, where you come from and what you want to achieve is certainly key. At Curves, our driving force is our values: 

  • Passion for Service 
  • Community of Caring Support 
  • Embrace Change 
  • Teamwork 
  • Integrity 

Why 30 minutes

“Less is more” is something that we understand very well. 

The Curves 30-minute workout is equivalent to 90 minutes of traditional exercise. How?

Our hydraulic resistance machines allow you to perform Strength Training and Cardiovascular exercises at the same time, and our circuit coaches will train and motivate you at every workout.

“Curves workout is the best 30 minutes of my day. I take care of myself while being in a great environment working my whole body without pain.”– says Marta, a member of Curves Sant Cugat, Spain.

If you want to join the fitness movement for women and celebrate another 30 years with us, take advantage of our special anniversary offer. Find your nearest Curves club and get a Free Consultation with one of our coaches.

“Fitness for women” for Curves is a much bigger concept than a space to exercise, it is a community, a safe place and above all, a lifestyle.

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How we changed Women’s lives in 30 minutes for 30 years