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Celebrate the Curves Anniversary – Celebrate Yourself 

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Today, we celebrate not only years but lives! Lives changed, strengthened, and empowered.

A celebration is an event that is only possible thanks to the combination of many things, or as we like to call it, teamwork. 

Throughout the years, we have supported women on their way to a new healthier, fitter, and happier life. An inspiring journey that has been possible thanks to every woman who has been part of Curves – our beloved Curvettes.

“Curves has given me above all self-esteem. It has completely changed my life, physically and mentally. Before my face smiled but now so do my eyes, now I am full of joy.”– shares Carmen, a member of Curves Italy.

Celebrate the Curve’s legacy

In 1992 the Curves movement set out on its mission to create a safe space which would empower women. 30 years later and Curves is still centred around the same objective: a community designed and founded on strengthening and supporting women.

A community that is guided by its values and thanks to this, Curves has been recognized as: 

  • Top 5 Fitness Franchise in the world 
  • Most Trusted Women’s Fitness Franchise 2020 
  • Best Franchise Overall (2 years in a row) 
  • The World’s Fastest Growing Franchise in History 

A look into the future

Curves was designed so in just 30 minutes you can experience a full-body workout which is equivalent to 90 minutes of traditional exercise.

Our training methods are based on personalised coaching led by professionals and always take place in an energetic, empowering and safe environment.

How do we imagine the future of Curves? The answer is easy: to be just as inspiring as these last 30 years. We envision a future surrounded by more women to help and learn from. A future full of growth, teamwork and, without a doubt, a future surrounded by our Curvettes. 

If you want to join the fitness movement for women and celebrate another 30 years with us, take advantage of our special anniversary offer. Find your nearest Curves club and get a Free Consultation with one of our coaches.

Curves is home, Curves is you and your achievements, Curves is all of us, united by a common goal: to strengthen ourselves and our communities. 

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Celebrate the Curves Anniversary – Celebrate Yourself