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Invest in yourself with The Gift of Health 

Investing in yourself and others makes you feel good.  Why not invest in yourself and the ones you love with a gift that keeps on giving – health!  It’s time that we make working out a celebration.  The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association says that “It’s possible that just the habit of socialising with other people, rather than the exercise itself, is causing boosted scores in overall physical and mental health…the up-tempo music and varied exercises typical in fitness classes are likely to make them more fun than solo training routines.”  Now that we are getting back on track post-pandemic people are investing in their health, and fitness-themed gifts are also becoming more popular than ever.   

According to Sarah Mitroff at CNET here are the top health and fitness gifts of 2022  

Top Health Gifts 2022  

  • Fitness class Pass  
  • Fitness watch  
  • Exciting water bottles  
  • Resistance bands  
  • Portable Blender  

Benefits of giving the gift of health  

By investing in your health your gift keeps on giving each day; you wake up feeling more refreshed, feel better in your clothes, and are in an overall better mood.  Marie Haaland, from the New York Post, cites various research studies reaffirming people who set aside time to exercise are happier than those who don’t.  Just one exercise a week has proven to positively impact one’s mindset and enhance motivation. 

The Three Pillars 

The Curves complete solution dedicates itself to investing in the gift of health by focusing on the Three Pillars of overall health.   

  • Physical health with the Curves 30-minute circuit specifically designed to target each muscle group.  
  • Mental health by boosting confidence with each visit.  
  • Spiritual health by providing a safe and supportive environment.  

Curves provides the tools and support to achieve and maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle.  Curves understands working out becomes difficult to schedule during the holiday season with family coming in, house prep and holiday parties.  If you find the time to invest in your health then you are giving yourself your own special holiday present.  This way you can enjoy your holiday season feeling good in your mind and body. 

Tips for a Healthier Holiday Season – Curves

Give yourself the gift of health this season and let Curves help you invest in your well-being. Find your Curves club – Curves  

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