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6 Common Habits Standing Between You and Your Fitness Goals

Sometimes it’s the small habits that get in the way of you achieving better fitness. In this article, we at Curves will be reminding you of some of the most common habits to watch out for when trying to achieve your fitness goals.


Do you consume most of your calories at night?

Everyone should aim to eat every four to five hours during the day as this will keep energy levels stable, and feelings of extreme hunger at bay. Research from Loma Linda University School of Public Health has shown that people who have a good sized breakfast, lunch and dinner have lower BMIs (Body Mass Index) than those who eat the same amount of calories spread throughout the day across snacks and by indulging in a large dinner. It is important that you consume these calories across the entire day and not only at night, as eating close to bedtime can cause sleep disruption. This then has a knock-on effect on weight-loss, as your reduced energy levels from lack of sleep can cause cravings for sugary, unhealthy foods. It is best to avoid eating up to 2 hours before sleeping, to allow for a sound night’s rest. Have a look at some of Curves’ healthy meal-time recipes in our articles page to decide what to cook for your meals.


Are you forgetting to hydrate?

It is common for those who spend much of their time indoors without sweating much, to forget to keep their bodies properly hydrated. Incorporating water into your daily routine is a great way hitting your recommended daily intake. We suggest starting and ending your day with a glass of water, while also making sure to drink a glass with every meal.


Exercising on an empty stomach? 

If you are regularly exercising without having eaten beforehand, you could be massively impacting the productivity of your workout. Exercising on an empty stomach encourages the body to use its own muscle to gain fuel for the workout, so you won’t be seeing the gains that you expect to see after working out. It is also essential to make sure you’re working protein-heavy foods into your diet, up to two hours prior to your workout.


Are you counting liquid calories? 

If fancy coffees, sweet teas and fruit drinks sound like your thing, you could very well be tricking your body into thinking feeling full with empty calories. It isn’t easy to break habits like these, so you could always make little changes like having iced coffee with low-fat milk, make your own lemonade with no added sugar and squeeze some fruit into unsweetened tea.


Constantly snacking? 

If you find yourself grazing throughout the day, it’s worth looking into making the food you are eating less accessible. If you work in an office and have snacks in your drawer and around your desk, make a point of replacing it with healthy alternatives such as carrot sticks, hummus and fresh fruit for when you are feeling peckish.


Are you training alone?  

For some very committed people, training alone is perfectly fine. However, for us less dedicated individuals, we struggle to meet our goals alone.  Training with a club such as Curves helps you stay motivated as you are surrounded by people in the same position as you, as well as trained fitness professionals who will keep you on the right track. On the days when you just aren’t as motivated, you can always count on your fellow Curvettes to bring their enthusiasm and positive energy and help you on your path to better fitness results!


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