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Start your Year with Energy: New Year, New Habits

The holidays are now over, and with it comes the January fog. That time of the year when we must face reality and get back on track. This time can be challenging especially after several days of rest, Your mind and body will certainly need a kickstart. However, do not be discouraged, a new beginning is a unique opportunity to achieve new goals and break old barriers. Yes, we know 2020 was challenging, and chances are 2021 will have a  hard start too, which is why you need to start planning for success right now.

New year, new habits! Go one step further this year and work on your habits rather than making resolutions. Why? Because even though resolutions can help you get started, they are often forgotten and left behind far too soon.  When we dig deeper and create new habits, we stimulate behavioural changes with las longing results.

But, How to Get Started on Building New Habits?

• Be realistic: A good goal/habit must be realistic and achievable within the time it has been set.

• Simplify your goals: Know what you want and set clear goals. Then divide the goals into smaller steps. Not only will this help you achieve more in less time, but it will also keep you motivated.

• Invest time: Set yourself specific times to complete your goals. It will help you organise your time and keep yourself accountable for your progress.

• Commit to 30 days: Three to four weeks is all you need to create a habit. If you can pass the initial conditioning phase, the new habits will be much easier to maintain.

• Stay consistent: It's also important to be consistent. Consistency builds confidence and confidence builds habits.

• Don't worry about being perfect: Don't expect to be able to change your habits overnight. Do your best and don't push yourself too hard if it doesn't come out perfect the first time.

• Spend time with people you admire: Find people who share your vision, and spend time with them. Make this an opportunity to learn from each other. 

• Write it down! Writing your goals will help you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and how to get there.

• Visualise your success: Visualise yourself before and after. How did you feel while maintaining your old habits and how you feel with the new habits? Hold on to the feeling of achievement and visualise your success. Complete this activity a couple of times, until you make the pattern you imagined and erase the old habit.

• Do it for yourself: don't worry about what others say or what ‘it should be’ work on your habits for yourself. Target your habits and goals. Commit to them and stick with them.

In addition to your new habits, there are other things you can add to your day-to-day activities to boost your energy.

Keys to Starting the Year with Renewed Energies

• Exercise: Exercise has many advantages for your mind and body. For example, exercising can help you feel more cheerful by activating the release of endorphins. Endorphins are hormones that regulate happiness in your brain, which is why, after training, you feel more joyful 

• Manage your stress levels: A little stress is always not harmful, on the contrary, sometimes a little stress can make you more productive. However, when stress levels get too high, and we can't disconnect, stress becomes a problem. Manage your stress levels by keeping organised and on schedule and don't forget to add a little 'me time' to pamper yourself

• Follow a healthy diet: Moderation is key. Eat all food groups in moderation (fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates and proteins) and always consult with your doctor before going into a new diet or food regime. Consider eating foods rich in magnesium and b vitamin group, necessary for optimal brain and body function

• Take advantage of sunlight whenever you can:  Sunlight plays an essential role in our mood by activating dopamine and serotonin. In contrast, spending too many hours in an environment illuminated only with artificial light increases melatonin. This sleep hormone can also produce a state of sadness

• Look for new stimuli: Do new things that surprise you. Getting out of the routine from time to time allows you to be amazed and see reality differently

• Keep up the good mood: Laughter decreases cortisol (responsible for stress) and releases endorphins and dopamine, the hormones of happiness and well-being

• Connect with nature: Being outdoors allows you to de-stress and slow down. Even if its cold, don't miss the chance to explore your surroundings. 


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Start your Year with Energy: New Year, New Habits