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Rediscover your healthy habits this Christmas

healthy habits Christmas

Since the beginning of time, we have viewed the Christmas holidays as a time of year that joy and excess food go hand in hand. A period in which we are exempt and in which we also give our healthy habits time off.

According to the World Health Organisation, one of the keys to success in terms of lifestyle changes is balance. Balance in all its aspects and in which we find food at the tip of the pyramid.

Listening to our body while being aware is a necessity, and “whims” as such are necessary. This concept is infinitely diverse for each individual and we must exonerate with feelings such as “guilt” “obsession” or “revulsion” every time we decide to consume “forbidden foods” responsibly. 

At the same time, there is a myth that clean food is boring, but enjoying food can be an extraordinary adventure, delicious, fun and also healthy. 

At Curves we give you a list of ideas so that this Christmas you can be the Healthy Santa of your house. 

Say yes to movies and snack plans

Snacks are perhaps the most dangerous part on the road to a healthy lifestyle. The lack of ideas, the challenge it entails with the little ones or even the lack of time. 

The range of “healthy” alternatives is infinite and it will take you less time than you think:

  • Substitute microwave popcorn for homemade 
  • Swap the crisps for alternatives like roasted chestnuts 
  • For sweets lovers, take your time the day before and cook Christmas desserts with your children, friends, partner or yourself

Food is also an opportunity to connect and spend quality time with your favourite people.

Christmas themed colours as inspiration for your starters

Red, green and gold are by far the festive colors. Surprise your guests with a healthy chromatic snack. Play with crudités such as celery, cucumber, beetroot… on a base of homemade red pepper hummus, classic or combine it with your star guacamole. Add that special touch and close your dishes with a few drops of olive oil for that golden vibe. 

Pick your favourite days and allow yourself to indulge

As we have already mentioned, the success of a healthy lifestyle is balance and especially on occasions like this, it is more than appropriate. 

Choose your favourite days of the holiday season and feed your body with what’s craving. This way, you can have a conscious intake, balancing your week. 

Many of the options mentioned above simply involve home cooking as a substitute for the supermarket, and processed foods. Awareness about what we ingest is important and small changes make big differences.

The famous “willpower” is one of the most mentioned in this holiday period, and unconsciously, when we make this attribution, we link it to obligation. We confuse our brain when in reality, we should educate it in the culture of well-being. Eating healthy, and taking care of our body. Our mind does not need to go hand in hand with power to fight against the true will, it must be the representation of it. I take care of myself and respect my body since its my vessel.

At Curves we work to help women choose the lifestyle that brings out the best version of themselves.  A lifestyle that allows them to be stronger, healthier and happier.

This Christmas, rediscover your health. 

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