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International Youth Day 2020: Stay Young with Exercise

There is no doubt this has been a tough year for many people, but perhaps it has been particularly hard for our youth. Social distancing has brought many restrictions from no school to no parties or gatherings with friends.

This week International Youth Day is celebrated across nations; the day was first established in 1999 by the United Nations General Assembly to emphasize the role of young people as essential individuals in the process of change and improvement of society.

At Curves, we believe that it is essential to promote the importance of exercise from an early age. Keeping active and building long lasting active lifestyle habits can have a long-term positive effect on our bodies and minds.

Our clubs are open to women of all ages. Bring your daughters, your nieces, your granddaughters! Working out with a friend or partner can help you both achieve your wellness goals. And educating the younger generations about the benefits of strength training for women can create healthier futures.

The sooner you start taking care of your body, the longer you will benefit from the results.

Stay Young and Healthy

Age is only a number, but a few little healthy habits can help you achieve that youthful energy we are all looking for.

Healthy Eating

We are what we eat. A balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables is essential. Prepare meals in advanced to prevent you from buying extra food you don't need when you do your weekly shopping. Avoid junk food as much as possible, and drink lots of water. It sounds simple, but you'll be surprised how many people get lost in everyday life duties and forget to eat balanced and keep hydrated.

Exercise and Keeping Active

Perhaps one of the most challenging things to do as we grow older is to keep active. Sedentary lifestyles, working in an office and driving make us less inclined to keep moving. Remember all the energy you used to have? Exercise can help you regain your strength and youthful energy. Find an activity that works for you. Set yourself a goal and have fun. We promise you'll see and feel the difference in no time.

Being Social and Meeting Friends

Keeping young is not only physical activity but also a mental activity. Social relationships are an essential part of your wellbeing as they help keep your mind stimulated. At Curves, we are more than a gym, which means you can stay fit and active while growing new friendships with likeminded women. Our internal challenges are designed to keep you motivated, and longlasting create bonds; we are here for you!

Physical activity remains an essential part of your wellbeing. Exercise can help you feel younger by:

Increasing Stamina

With regular cardiovascular activity, your heart becomes stronger, your lungs more efficient and your muscles better trained in producing energy.

The Curves circuit combines strength and cardiovascular exercise in a workout to increase muscle endurance.

Strengthening Your Body

Strength training can increase bone strength and prevent osteoporosis. The Curves circuit works your whole body, building muscle and regaining control of stubborn areas.

Keeping Your Mind Active

Regular physical activity improves your powers of perception, thinking, reasoning and memory. At Curves, you can learn exercises that develop new skills to keep yourself mentally fit.

Losing Weight

Exercise burns calories and helps to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Losing pounds goes beyond the aesthetic benefit: it relieves pressure on the joints, prevents arthritis, reduces the workload on the heart and makes every physical activity easier and more comfortable.

With our 30-minute circuit workout, you can burn up to 500 calories.

Making You Happier

Feeling physically good gives us a more positive outlook on life. Regular exercise also helps prevent or relieve anxiety and depression. Not only does a Curves workout reduce stress and improve mood, but the friendships you build at your club will help you stay fit and young for years to come.

If you like to learn more about the benefits of strength training at your local curves, please contact your nearest club to book an appointment.

To learn more about International Youth Day, please visit their official website 

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International Youth Day 2020: Stay Young with Exercise