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How Strength Training benefits your whole body

Our training programme is specially designed to help women to work fully on their whole bodies. Strength exercises not only improve the flexibility of your body and facilitate everyday activities, such as walking upstairs or carrying weights, but they also have other benefits on both the physical and mental levels.  These are just some of them:  

  • they build up muscle mass
  • they boost the metabolism
  • they reduce adipose tissue
  • they favour a healthy lifestyle
  • they reduce stress and improve moods

In today's article, find out how increasing your muscle mass can improve your wellbeing!  


A well sculpted physique

Strength Training helps not only to increase muscle mass but also to burn fats quickly.  One of the main advantages of this type of training is that it makes you burn fats even when you aren’t training.  How?  First of all, because it is able to boost the metabolism when resting.
Furthermore, after each training session, the muscles must repair the micro lesions caused during exercise, with the result that, over the next 72 hours, your body keeps on consuming energy.  

“The increase in the consumption of calories after a Strength Training session continues for a further three days” – says Wayne Wescott, PhD, professor of sport sciences at Quincy College – “Authoritative studies have shown that, during the first six months of strength training, it is possible to lose between 1 Kg and 1 and a half Kg of fat”.  


Stronger bones

With time and advancing age our bones become weaker.  But Strength Training is able to encourage the production of osteoblasts, which are those cells that participate in the reconstruction of bone tissue, thus increasing bone density.


Backache bye bye!

Strength Training can help you alleviate and even prevent backache, one of the most common ailments.  By strengthening the muscles of the bust, which supports the spinal column, in fact, you will succeed in maintaining a correct posture, thus protecting the intervertebral discs and combating the stresses and strains that your back suffers every day.  
Carrying out any normal movement will be much easier and your everyday life will benefit from it!


More self-respect, better moods and more energy

Strength Training is one of the most effective natural methods to rediscover your energy, physical but also mental!

• Thanks to the release of endorphins, the substances produced by the brain that improve moods, help combat exhaustion and have a purposeful attitude.

• It has been demonstrated that it has a positive impact on the quality of sleep, improving your energy levels and sense of optimism as a consequence.

• It increases your self-esteem and helps you feel more secure about your body.

• It makes you feel more motivated: with strength exercises you will see the results of your work session after session.  This will help you keep your motivation high and concentrate on the goals you have succeeded in achieving!  

Strength Training is a real panacea for health, is capable of improving your moods and gives you more energy!  Are you ready to improve your quality of life?  

If you want to discover all the benefits of the Curves programme, book a free consultation straight away or contact your closest Curves Club.

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