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Fitness training in summer: how to go about it and why bother?

Physical exercise boosts self-esteem, enables us to lose weight and helps us socialise. In a word: it makes us feel good! So why not make the most of the summer and continue to train and take care of ourselves?

In this article we’ll explain why it’s so important to maintain your fitness routine and we’ll reveal all the secrets of a perfect summer workout. We’re ready, are you?


Why training in summer is good for your health

Often, the arrival of hot weather can frighten us into giving up training. But have you ever asked yourself what the consequences are on a physical level? Summer can provide you with your chance to be more active and supplement your gym sessions with long walks and outdoor pursuits! Did you know that training in the summer offers enormous advantages? And not just for your body! Here are 6 good reasons not to break off your training programme:

  • Various studies have shown that, in the summer, testosterone levels reach their peak. This increase makes it easier for you to achieve your fitness goals, whether you want to increase your lean mass, lose weight or tone up.
  • When you stop doing a physical activity, your muscles lose volume, mass and elasticity, leaving space for fats. Also, if your body is used to training, it will be much more difficult to start up again .
  • Summer is the time of the year when we focus most on our psychological and physical wellbeing and exercise is one of the best ways to take time out for ourselves and switch off! 
  • Regular and constant training increases our resistance to strains and enables us to deal with daily fatigue with less expenditure of energy. It’s the best antidote to meeting final work deadlines before leaving for your holiday!
  • Continuing to train throughout the year, not only keeps us healthy, but also strengthens social ties. And summer, associated with holidays and evenings spent with friends, is the best time to strike up new friendships!
  • Physical exercise helps us to achieve and set new goals.  Who among us during the summer break has never travelled in their mind to the month of September? Keeping up your training will help you to arrive back recharged and full of energy to tackle your new commitments for the year.


In short, training means not only physical exercise but also adopting a specific lifestyle, a philosophy that improves our relationship with ourselves, including our emotions and self-esteem. So are you convinced that there should be no break in training at any time of the year? 


A sedentary summer? No thanks!

It’s well known that a sedentary lifestyle is harmful to our health and can also have serious consequences. Avoiding physical activity, apart from increasing mortality risk, also encourages the onset of many illnesses, including: diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disorders, osteoporosis and various types of tumours. Moreover, it has been proven that a lack of movement can bring on mood changes, anxiety and depression.

The lack of physical activity is also one of the main causes of a slow metabolism: in fact, the less our body burns, the more it becomes accustomed not to do it, thus becoming increasingly inefficient!  What are the main consequences? Here are some of them:


  • the difficulty in maintaining a healthy weight, despite regular physical activity and a low-calorie diet;
  • frequent feelings of tiredness;
  • system disorders, such as constipation and bloating;
  • frequent and sudden mood swings.

This is why our aim is to help you not to interrupt your fitness routine during the summer!


How to train in the gym during summertime

Here is some practical advice on the best possible way to  train even during the summer:

  • Follow a light diet rich in vitamins. Before going to the gym, eat foods that are easy to digest, choosing unrefined carbohydrates and proteins. For an effective and light post-workout diet, choose foods that provide more protein: pulses, natural yoghurt, vegetable-based shakes, fish (oily fish is excellent), brown rice and wholegrain cereals.
  • Stay hydrated and always remember to bring a bottle of water with you! Water and mineral salts must be constantly replenished: sip small amounts during your sports session (every 15-20 minutes) and drink at least 2 litres of water a day. And when possible, try to alternate trace mineral water with mineralised water.
  • If you suffer from low blood pressure, a good habit to acquire before training is to eat some fruit! This gives your body a store of sugar without causing blood glucose peaks.
  • Train in the morning, when it’s not so hot and you’re more full of energy. With morning training, your body becomes completely energised and you’ll avoid that feeling of tiredness and exhaustion that’s typically associated with summer. The good news is that at Curves there are no restrictions, you can come and train whenever you prefer during opening hours!
  • Be sure to warm up during your Curves training: even when it’s hot, it’s important to warm up the muscles to prevent muscle tears, cramps or strains. Particularly if you’re training after hours spent at your desk!
  • Protect your skin and eyes from the sun: if you’re combining outside activities with your Curves sessions, always use protective suncreams. Apply them to your body at least half an hour before training and then every 2-3 hours or in the event of sweating. And remember to wear appropriate sunglasses!
  • Wear lightweight garments that let the skin breathe and are made of light-coloured fabric. So it’s yes to cotton t-shirts, vests, tops and shorts! And no to dark-coloured and synthetic garments that attract heat and slow down the body’s ability to thermoregulate. 


Don’t forget to ask the staff at your Club for the Curves Travel Pass, so you can continue training at one of our gyms near your holiday resort!

If you want to discover the benefits of the Curves programme, book a free consultation  now or contact your nearest Curves Club .

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Fitness training in summer: how to go about it and why bother?