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Equality and empowerment in women’s fitness.  

International Women’s Day 

Equality and inclusiveness are two concepts that, a priori, seem totally immersed in today’s society. International Women’s Day is another reminder that sexist practices and gender barriers still exist. Giving voice to a fact that has not yet been eradicated is an echo to all the people who fought to position us where we are and an example for those who fight and will fight to bring us a little closer to where we want to go. 

The world of women’s fitness is a community that embraces physical and mental well-being and the empowerment of the women who make it up. Women’s fitness is about teaching by example, eliminating gender judgement, individual and team self-improvement, support, confidence and self-love.  

Recent research shows that among the concerns that women experience in relation to their gym or club experience are: 

  • Not being fit enough  
  • Showing off their body 
  • Being judged by men  
  • Not fitting in  
  • Not being educated in certain exercises 
  • Wearing tight or revealing clothes 

Once again, these concerns demonstrate how an unsafe environment places women in a situation prone to discomfort and therefore forces them to flee.   

Curves and its concept of female fitness appeared 30 years ago to meet the needs of each and every woman who identifies with the above. How? 

  • Passion for service. Demonstrating passion and consistent commitment is key to the success of every woman who visits us—understanding individual needs and applying our methodology to maximise results.   
  • Teamwork. Having coaches offering a personalised service helps us forge professional and collaborative relationships that lead to long-term success while strengthening the sense of community.   
  • Integrity. “Doing the right thing even when no one is looking. At Curves, we work on respect, diversity, and individual and group empowerment. We protect our values and apply them in our daily dynamics.   
  • Embrace change. Reinvent or die. Finding dynamic and diverse ways to encourage exercise while motivation is necessary to maintain our members’ engagement and attendance levels.   
  • Community of caring support. Create a positive, safe, inspiring, non-judgmental and fun environment in which every woman reflects and enjoys herself. 

The values that build Curves make it possible for the women who choose us to achieve their goals in an environment that makes them feel confident, and empowered and helps them achieve their physical and wellness goals.   

Equality and respect take many forms but they are all based on an equal view of all individuals, regardless of age, culture, ideology or gender. Treat others with kindness, and above all keep in mind that in order to receive, you must first give.   

Women’s fitness, and especially fitness at Curves, is an example of community and freedom of being, where the most beautiful and inspiring thing is found in diversity and the ability to grow, learn and work out in what many of our members call their “second home”.  

Happy Women’s Day, today and always.    

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Equality and empowerment in women\'s fitness.