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Deliciously Healthy Halloween Treats

Halloween is a few days away! A long-awaited date for costume lovers and spooky tales.

But beware, the frightening sugar gremlins! Say BOO! to unhealthy tricky treats and hello to easy yummy Spooktacular snacks. You can still enjoy a super fun Halloween with your family keeping the sugar at bay, or at least preventing an avalanche of sweets for days. 

How can you make healthy treats fun, especially for the little ones, you ask? No fear! Halloween Curves chef witches are here. Get ready to delight your taste buds with these creepy (but yummy) Halloween concoctions.  

Smiling Apple Monsters

Apples are a staple of this time of the year. Spook the fruit haters away and dazzle them with these Smiling Apple Monsters.

To make it even more colourful and fun, mix and match green and red apple pieces to make the mouths. You can then use mini marshmallows or smaller apple pieces to make the teeth, or you can use sunflower seeds as teeth for a healthier version.

Spread a thin layer of sugar-free natural peanut butter to stick the teeth and the apple lips together creating smiling apple monsters. As an extra, you can cut strawberry slices and use them as tongues too! And there you have it, cheeky smiling apple monsters.


Become a mad scientist for the day and get the kids involved in decorating little healthy Frankensteins.  Start by peeling your kiwis and carefully cutting off the top. Insert a skewer in the middle and use your imagination to decorate them. Again, you can use any nut butter as the ‘glue’ to keep the decorations together. You can use candy eyes, or you can replace these with pine nuts, liquorish or raisins – if you are feeling adventurous you can also make the little eyes out of other fruit or using the kiwi’s peel.

For the hair and scars, we recommend using edible food colouring pens like those use for cake decorating.

Mummified strawberries

Who doesn’t love a good mummy?  For these, you will need whole strawberries and white chocolate or yoghurt dip. Swirl around to create "bandages" and try not to eat them all before they are done. Use dark chocolate chips to make the eyes and boom! It’s a wrap! Which brings us to the question, what do mummies listen to on Halloween? Wrap music.

Yes, we know let’s stick to cooking and leave the jokes to the pros. 

Ghostly bananas

These are BOO-tiful! Get it? BOO! and… ok

Bananas are very rich in potassium and super versatile, which is why they make the perfect Halloween treat. Melt dark chocolate and make a circle for the mouth, or you can use chocolate buttons if short of time. Add little eyes by using pine nuts, more chocolate, or even peanut butter dotted carefully using a stick. 

The important thing is to let the imagination go wild and enjoy some delicious healthy treats with your family this Halloween.

If you do, please share your photos with us! Tag us on Instagram @CurvesUK or use hashtag #SpooktacularCurvesTreats  

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