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Are you Flexible Enough? Find out Why it is Important to Stretch Regularly

Flexibility is often undervalued, but why? It may have something to do with the fact that the results from stretching are not as evident on the body's physical appearance as other kinds of exercise. However, working on your flexibility has multiple health benefits. Cardiovascular training, like stretching, is known to increase heart endurance and muscle tone. Flexibility also tends to decrease as we get older, which is why it is so important to stimulate our joints and muscles.  

Find out How Flexible You Are

To find out how flexible you are, we recommend this simple but effective test: sit on the floor and then try to get up. If performing this task is hard for you, it's time to start working on your flexibility, for example, by routinely stretching after your workout. You can also test your flexibility while on everyday activities. Just be careful and know your limits, don't injure yourself trying to go beyond what feels comfortable. 

Benefits of Working on your Flexibility

It is common for people to have tension in the hamstrings and lower back muscles, which over time can lead to lower back pain and poor posture. Stretching can release built-up tension, helping restore posture and preventing lower back pain.

When muscles are flexible, daily activities become easier. Lifting shopping bags, storing items in the highest part of your closet, picking your child or grandchild up, everything becomes more manageable. And that is because, when you engage your muscles and joints regularly by stretching, you increase your joint mobility. 

Do you enjoy golf, tennis or swimming? Flexibility provides the range of movements you need to practice all these sports and helps prevent injury by allowing fluid movement of joints and muscles during physical activity.

Stretching is even good for your mind, encouraging mental and emotional relaxation, stretching releases tension from your muscles.

Overall, stretching regularly will: 

– Improve your physical performance and reduce the risk of injury

– Reduce muscle discomfort and improve posture

– Reduce lower back pain

– Blood flor increase, enhancing the arrival of nutrients in tissues.

– Helps coordination 

Practice Stretches to Improve Your Flexibility with Curves

When doing your Curves 30-minute circuit don't forget to stretch. This is an essential part of your Curves routine and shouldn't be skipped. 

Stretching Tips: 

– Take it easy and allow yourself time to feel the stretch. Progressively reach that point where you feel a slight pull on the muscle, but no pain

– Keep the stretching pose for 15 to 30 seconds, release and repeat up to 4 times

– Don't forget to perform stretches on both sides of your body.

– Keep close attention to your breathing during the stretching movements 

Join Curves Today! 

From Curves, we encourage you to keep flexible and add stretching to your daily routine. If you want to learn more about Curves, visit our about section, or find your nearest club today and book an appointment. 

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Are you Flexible Enough? Find out Why it is Important to Stretch Regularly