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Announcement Club Curvette 2017

In 2017 throughout the country, Curves clubs celebrated their members' efforts and elected their local Curvette. Donna, a member of Curves Elgin, is the winner of the national title for the Club Curvette of 2017. The club held a fashion show where the members (including Curvette winners) modelled evening wear from a local shop. With this event they even raised an amazing amount of £1555.00 for a local charity which was documented in local press. 

Congratulations Donna! Discover her story and how Curves transformed her life!



My Curves journey began on the 7th March 2016 when I picked up a leaflet in the local supermarket where a Curves coach approached me and asked if I would be interested in coming in for a free consultation. I told Lydia “I do not exercise let alone have a pair of trainers or own gym clothes”.  However Lydia explaining to me what Curves was all about and I decided to give her my name and number and we arranged a good time to attend Curves on the 8th March. I headed straight to the gym department in the supermarket and bought myself some trainers and some loose sports clothes so I would be ready to attend Curves.

The following day I set foot in my local Curves in Elgin to begin a new venture in my life. I was a bit sceptical about going as had never exercised in my life before and had not intended to do so before having met Lydia the previous day. Much to my surprise I loved it! I signed up for a year and started making decisions to change my whole lifestyle. I could not wait for my next workout at Curves with the coaches, they were so motivational and kept me going through my whole workout.

I have always been a bigger girl and before this week I had no plans/aspirations to lose weight and better myself. Eating junk food had become a big bad habit and the closest thing to exercise I did was walking to my car to drive to the local shops. My health was not the best, my Asthma was playing up and I had ongoing back problems resulting in a low mood. Lydia explained during my consultation all the benefits of Strength Training and how it would help with my Asthma and help build up my strength which would in turn aid my back problems.

The Curves girls were amazing.  The support and advice they have given me has been invaluable. Their encouragement during every 30 minute workout was what got me through my first few workouts at Curves. I was smiling and enjoying each and every workout.  Result, I was delighted.

At just six months into my Curves journey I had lost 4 stone 2lbs, 7.2% Body Fat and a staggering 41.6 inches.

As you can imagine out went the size 20/22 from my wardrobe and in came the size 16.  To say I was delighted would be an understatement and the Curves coaches praised me on all my hard work and encouraged me to keep it up.  I was not planning giving up now. I could not remember the last time I had purchased a pair of jeans in a High Street store rather than online, I felt like I had reached another goal. I was not keen on getting my photo taken for obvious reasons at the beginning of my journey but had one at home that I took into the Club and gave it to Lydia and asked that nobody was allowed to see it.

I finally have taken time to sit with Curves staff and listened to what I have achieved and the massive goals I have reached with each and every workout. I am now proud that they display the before and after photo in the club. These photos have showed me how I have benefited from Strength Training and every time I look at them I feel much better in myself and determined not to go back to where I was before starting Curves. My energy levels are through the roof from before I started and I feel so much more confident. I enjoy clothes shopping and socialising now, where before I was never confident enough.

I have now reached my target weight after losing a total of 6st -3lbs , 11.2% Body Fat and 58.10 inches. I think that really is some achievement, even if I do say so myself and even better I am maintaining it.

Curves came to me when I least expected it but I am so glad I met Lydia that day, the timing was perfect.

Looking forward to working out at Curves with the girls and members for many more years.

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