How much is the investment to own a Curves club?

When purchasing a new franchise, fees start at £ 40,355 including Curves franchise rights, Curves circuit equipment, initial training, location search, design plan and business support. The franchise agreement is subject to additional ongoing fees including royalties and contributions to the national advertising fund. If you purchase an existing club the cost of the club will vary depending on factors such as the location and size of the existing membership.

What is the total investment I can expect to make?

This is dependent on location, fit out and local requirements, we are happy to work with you on finding the best solution for your business.

What kind of premises should I look for?

We can provide guidance on ‘open territories’ suitable for a new Curves club. We recommend that you look to start a new club in a market with population that has a minimum of 25,000 people or more. You should look for premises close to residential areas. You are responsible for finding a location and details should then be submitted to Curves for approval. Curves International has the right to refuse a location if we feel it is not in the best interest of the brand and / or your business. We recommend a minimum premise of 120m2 to get started. You will receive additional guidelines after your application.

How may staff should I hire?

The Curves franchise model is structured to accommodate one full-time employee and two to three part-time employees, with the assumption that the franchisee will take on the full-time role.

How much income can I expect to earn from my business?

Income from each Curves club varies based on many variables such as market size, demographics, efforts made by owners, competency, and economic factors.

How many hours will I work in my club each week?

That decision is completely up to you. The most successful owners of any small to medium business

enterprise work in their business full-time. Depending on your circumstances, and management skills, you will be able to set your own hours in your club.

How does a Curves club create revenue?

The majority of your revenue will be derived from membership fees. Other revenue opportunities include selling Curves products.

What are the terms of the franchise agreement?

If you are successful with your application, we will send you the Franchise Disclosure Document with all the terms and conditions clearly outlined.

How much training will I receive?

At Curves, the training never stops. Initially, we have a mandatory, one-week course called “Curves Comprehensive”. Once the first week is completed, the Business Develop Managers provide daily or weekly assistance via the phone, onsite visits, e-mail communications and various web based programs. Assistance is available for as long as you need it. There is no additional cost for this.

Who are the biggest Curves Competitors?

Other fitness clubs and wellness facilities represent Curves competitors. However, we offer a unique fitness and weight loss experience that many cannot compete with. We can help you evaluate your competition and explore the possibilities of adding Curves within your market before making any commitment.

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