Apple and Pear body shapes; find out what to eat for your shape!

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Do you know the secret to losing weight and feeling healthier? Your diet can be influenced by your body shape!

Pear and Apple body shapes are the two most common systems to identify body fat distribution. By following our advice you can determine your body type and understand what food suits you best.


Pear shape characteristics

A pear body shape accumulates fat in the lower part of your body - hips, thighs and buttocks.

This excess weight is commonly associated with poor or bad blood circulation which causes fluid and toxin retention responsible for gaining weight and cellulite. A frequent cause of poor blood circulation is a high level of female hormones in your body. This body type is more frequent among women from 20 to 40 years old when hormone levels are at its highest.

What food suits you best?

Dietary recommendations for decreasing blood pressure, reducing fluid retention and cellulite include foods rich in flavonoids, Vitamin C and K, anthocyanins, Omega-3 and bromelain.

Top food

  • Red berries such as blueberry, raspberry, blackberry (flavonoids and anthocyanins help with blood pressure)
  • Pineapple (bromelain helps reduce retention causing body fluids and cellulite)
  • Nuts (Omega-3 supports healthy blood pressure)
  • Beetroot (Vitamin K helps with blood circulation)


Apple shape characteristics

An Apple shaped body has greater fat accumulation around the tummy which is often caused by an accumulation of adipose tissue in the stomach which is responsible for excess weight or obesity. Having an unhealthy diet alongside fat malabsorption, flatulence and poor digestion, increase your chances of being apple shaped. This body type is more frequent among women over 50 and/or after menopause when the female hormone levels decrease.

What food suits you best?

Dietary recommendations for facilitating liver and gall-bladder functions, aiding digestion and reducing flatulence include foods rich in cynarine, bitter active ingredients and soluble fibers.

Top food

  • Artichoke (cynarine facilitates liver and dall-bladder functions)
  • Oat (soluble fibers improve digestion)
  • Fennel (reduce flatulence)

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