Introducing our new unique MEAL REPLACEMENT & SNACK BARS

It's time for a healthy treat...

Now healthy treats can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet. Packed with protein and fibre, Curves meal replacement and snack bars give you a healthy, convenient way to stay on track and treat yourself too. 

Why is protein good for you?
Eating enough protein is essential for maintaining a healthy body. Curves Bars are packed with protein, which is vital for energy, muscle recovery and a strong immune system. With them you can control your appetite, feel fuller and make the most of your workouts. 

Why is fibre good for you?
A high-fibre diet has numerous health benefits and can help in preventing heart disease, cardiovascular disease and weight gain. It can also improve digestive health, help you satisfy and control your appetite and aid satiety. Curves Bars help you your daily fibre requirements while enjoying a nutritious treat.

The Curves meal replacement and snack bars are currently available in the United Kingdom, Ireland, France and Spain.

move, treat, love, repeat!

May we introduce

Chewy Caramel Delight

Reward yourself with our Chewy Caramel Meal Replacement Bar. This bar is for serious caramel lovers!

Have you met

Dreamy Chocolate Crunch

Satisfy today’s chocolate craving with our Crispy Snack Bar coated in creamy milk chocolate.

Say hello to

Blissful Berry Bite

Tickle those taste buds with a fruity, Crispy Snack Bar, dipped in smooth berry yoghurt.


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