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2020 will be the 6th year of the European week of sport and promoting physical activity, sport and a healthy lifestyle are the objectives valued by the European Week of Sport 2020.

From the 23rd – 30th September, more than 40 countries across Europe will participate in the #BeActive campaign. There will be events and initiatives to highlight the benefits both collectively and individually for a healthier and more active lifestyle.

The benefits of physical activity start with mental wellbeing by reducing stress and enhancing self-esteem. Group exercise and playing sport makes us feel part of a group, fosters team spirit and improves our empathy.

Sport for a healthy mind and body

Healthy diet combined with physical activity has many physical and mental benefits, such as:

  • Improves protection against disease
  • Reduces the risk associated with muscle loss, bone degeneration and painful joints especially in the over 60’s
  • Stimulates brain function and improves concentration
  • Increases motivation, productivity and performance

Giving in to a sedentary lifestyle is harmful to our health and can have serious consequences. The Curves circuit is designed to include physical activity along with healthy habits thanks to a 30-minute training programme facilitated by our expert coaches.

Our clubs are specifically designed for Women where unity is strength. We focus on the benefits of group training, allowing you to become part of a community of women, working together and supporting each other.

Exercising together in our Curves clubs helps you to connect with other women, establishing a friendship based on shared experiences and successes.

Should energy and motivation drop then team spirit emerges as our mission is to help women overcome the common obstacles relating to physical activity, especially when approaching the colder, darker winter months. It is precisely this time that we need to reap the benefits of strength training for the body and mood. Exercising regularly reduces the risk of disease and illness and keeps both body and mind active.

Training from home

The #BeActiveAtHome campaign for the European Week of Sport aims to encourage movement and a healthy lifestyle at home. The pandemic has taught us that in the face of situations out of our control, we can still workout at home to keep our body active and keep our spirits and motivation high. At Curves, we have many resources to stay connected to our members and keep the team spirit alive thanks to the AtHome workouts prepared and shared by our coaches through social media channels.

#BeActive with Curves

During the European Week of Sport 2020, we are responding the #BeActive call and the Curves gyms across Europe are committed to the challenge with the aim of reaching 50,000 individual workouts during the week of 23rd-30th September. The Curves HQ team, club owners, managers, coaches and members will actively participate in this challenge.

Together we can achieve the goal. The Curves Europe team will keep track of their training together with the coaches and members in your club!

By counting all of the workouts in the club, at home, and outdoors, we will not only reach the 50,000 goal but we will help the women in our communities to be stronger!

To motivate and engage the community, Curves Europe will be giving away a free 3-month membership to the 3 clubs with the highest training percentage!

Ask your coach for more information.

What are you waiting for? Use the #BeActive hashtag with Curves! Find your nearest club and book a free consultation now!

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