Curves coaches share their circuit secrets

28.08 blog
By Curves


We know that the Curves coaches are one of your main sources of motivation! They support, advise and encourage you in your training to help you reach all your goals.

They lift your spirits when the going gets tough and they’re always there at your side to push you up and beyond your limits and make sure you reach your full potential!

Because their knowledge and advice are invaluable, we’ve asked a number of Curves coaches to share their fitness tips and tricks to help you stay motivated whatever the situation.


  • Donna - To lose weight, don’t focus on “losing weight”. Instead focus on “your perfect weight”. Feel the feeling of your perfect weight and you will summon it to you.
  • Liza - Your body. Your life. Your adventure.
  • Annette - The only way to Change Is to make that Change. Focus on what you want.
  • Yvonne - Nobody ever got fit and healthy by talking about it
  • Inga - Imagine you on the race, You want to be number one, You want to win, You want to get that Gold medal, That’s how hard we need to work on machines, it’s only 30 seconds and I know you can do it!!!
  • Paula - Each machine is just 30 seconds, PUSH YOURSELF and make it count
  • Sue - On the circuit...just when you think you can't give it any more... YOU CAN!!!
  • Maria - Give yourself targets! Push yourself! Beat your target next workout! Concentrate on just you.
  • Emi J - Plan your workouts and just do it!!!!
  • Lauren - Stay focused, remember your goals, you'll feel great in just 30 minutes
  • Regina - Workout with a buddy
  • Karen - Stay hydrated and be consistent with your workouts
  • Fionn - This is not about him or them, just you
  • Fiona - Smile during your workout, you never know who it might cheer up!
  • Trisha - Get a monthly coaching session done regularly, you wouldn’t go grocery shopping without checking the cupboards. So, don’t work out without knowing what you got.


Use the Curves coaches’ secrets of success and become a stronger you! If you like the idea, contact your nearest club or book a free consultation today!

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